Rapid Web Applications with SPARQL

My new site - work in progress...

Current Projects

Revisiting the Project Vocabulary from 2004 to try and manage this lot.

This Site

I'm trying a different strategy than usually for hosting my material. The plan is to get as much as possible here by running services at home and pushing up snapshots.

So far:


A synth designed to make speech-like sounds. Very active at the moment. All material on GitHub


Investigating radio precursors of earthquakes, with an aim of feeding a neural network with the data, attempting to predict seismic events.

I'm documenting progress on a blog, code etc. is on GitHub.

There's a load more work-in progress on github, danja. I'm also:

Analog Computer

Out of curiosity and for fun, I'm in the process of designing on of these - details.

Older Stuff

I've loads of material that should go here somewhere but is in dire need of organisation. I've lost a few domain names over the years with the result : many dead links. But I should still have all the stuff somewhere.

Docs : Web-related

From IEEE Internet Computing (PDFs)

Docs : Electronics-related

From Electronics World & Wireless World

Other Stuff